Hi, my name is Edith and I would like to testify that if anybody is having problems regarding immigration please do not hesitate to contact Salma Khan at Pickup and Scott solicitors. Salma has been my solicitor for some time now and I would advise anyone to get in touch with her as she’s very good in all aspects regarding the above. She has done it for me and my boys and I’m very grateful for the support and care she offered.

I would like to thank Pickup and Scott solicitors for their support in my immigration matter.

I would like to thank Salma Khan for her support, reassurance on times that I thought that my applications were going to fail, mainly because I had worked with other law firms and my application had not successful. Salma kept me updated and explained well the process and helped with the anxiety that I felt as I was worried that my application may not be successful.
Then when I received the good news about my application being successful was the icing on the cake. I am very happy with the outcome.

I would recommend anyone to Salma and Pickup and Scott as they have been very helpful to me.
Thank you so much Salma.


I’m so blessed to have engaged Salma Khan to help with my residency application.

The process was smooth and expedited. I was treated kindly, respectfully and was explained everything in detail. The results were obtained faster than I expected and the entire stressful ordeal turned into a pleasant experience thanks to Salma Khan’s professionalism and expertise in the matter.

I highly recommend this firm to anyone wanting to have a stress-free bureaucratic experience!

“My family and I honestly have no words to describe how thankful we are to have had Salma Khan as our Lawyer. Salma has helped us all the way through and she genuinely cares for all her clients and doesn’t give up in anything. Salma’s service is truly 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who is in need of an amazing lawyer.

We went through many hardships with our case having mistakenly overstayed but Salma’s extremely hard work still got me and my mum indefinite leave to remain. This is going to be appreciated for a very long time and she is a very skilled lawyer who knows everything in her field and would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Thanks again Salma we will always remember you for what you did for us.”


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Dear Salma,

I remember meeting you at CAB in Milton Keynes in April 2018 where I took your business card and made contact again earlier on in this year to follow up on my son’s application for citizenship. That notwithstanding, you dealt with my application very professionally and over the phone and emails. I had no need to visit your office. Documents which required posting were mailed out to you. 

Your help was invaluable. You were clear with all the requirements I needed, you spent time researching the required clause for this home office application which was literally honoured out the secretary of state’s discretion. It can only be a good or rather an outstanding application to win over this discretion. My son is over the moon at least now he can travel around Europe and not feel alienated before his mates as he has never had memories of being abroad, in a flight or attending trips beyond England.

Once again, thank you so much and as soon as I raise money for my remaining two kids, I shall be in contact again to make their application. You did, pretty much an amazing job. I’m so pleased.


Thank you very much Salma for all the help, services and above all the support you gave me throughout the time of my application until you made sure I got my stay. I really don’t know what I would have done without you because before I met you I was hopeless and didn’t think I’d get my stay! But after my first meeting with you, you gave me courage and hope that everything would be okay.You assured me that you would make sure I got what I deserved and here I am today smiling and so happy because like you told me from the beginning, you stood by me and fought the battle with my daughter and I.

We both shall forever be grateful to you and I feel as if though the word thank you is not enough compared to what you did for us. Please continue helping more people out there and giving them the courage and support you showed to my daughter and I. Once again, Thank you very much for Everything and May God continue Blessing you.


14 Years Struggle With Immigration Status

I was involved in a lengthy struggle with my immigration status for almost 14 years and I had sought legal advice from six different solicitors in the past with no success. However, as soon as I started working with Salma from Pickup and Scott Solicitors my case was smooth sailing from there. Salma was very supportive and she always gave me the best advice and ensuring she always gave me updates about my case.

Salma made this process easier and made me feel at ease when she was handling my case. After only working with Salma for a year I was finally given my immigration status to remain in the UK. I remember just before Salma submitted my documents to the Home Office she told me that she had submitted the best application she could and she really did give it her best shot as I was finally approved!

Salma has truly been outstanding and I can only imagine what it would have been like if I had worked with her from the beginning. Nonetheless, I am very grateful for all she has done and would highly recommend her.

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Salma Khan – Immigration Law – Solicitor

“At that time your help and support meant a lot to me because I was totally broken and shattered. I didn’t know where I stood and what would happen next. You helped me and gave me so much support and got me my indefinite leave to remain and I am really thankful for that. God bless you Salma.”

Mrs K

“After going through the struggles of finding the right person to deal with my immigration matter, I came across Salma Khan who works for Pickup & Scott Solicitors in 2018.

I have been through 4 different legal advisers who failed to solve my immigration problem and I spent a lot of money on it. Once I met this lady, from day one, she organised each and every step very carefully and got me my much awaited settlement.

Her communication level is excellent. She assisted me very well and lighted up my life. I will recommend her to everyone and tell them to contact her to fulfil your immigration dreams.”

Ms E

“What should I say me and my family members are always thankful to you. Whenever I talk to my mum on phone in India. She always talk about you and thankful to you.
When I talk to someone that I got my ILR. First of all they don’t believe as it is not that common for a male victims of Domestic Violence. Lots of people asked me about you in London. It was the most difficult time for me and my family. At that time there were some highly recommended Solicitors in London. I met them all but I don’t know I was not that confident with them. Then by the God’s grace I contacted you and the day I met you on the first day. I saw a hope and started the procedure with your guidance.

Well I would say you have really done a great job in less time. As there was shortage of time for filling the application too. To be honest Salma it was a life changing moment since I got my ILR with your great efforts. You saved my career, my dreams and my life. I don’t know if it was my destiny or somebody’s blessings that I met you at Pickup and Scott Solicitors in Aylesbury.

With your best efforts I got my ILR within 3 months almost. But normally it takes longer as I researched online.

Everybody was giving me advise that the best solicitors of the country are in London. But I listened my soul and I found my solicitor in Aylesbury.
I know hard time comes in everyone’s life where you don’t know your all dreams will become true or will finish. But when it comes to Domestic Violence Issues, Salma Khan is the best solicitor in the UK.

I can communicate in English very well as I am an IT Professional in West London but still I feel comfortable with my mother tongue. So the best thing is Salma can speak Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi too. In mother tongue a person can explain the situation in a better way.

Whenever I talk to my colleagues, friends and relatives they always get shocked that some solicitor have done this almost impossible task. I have seen some solicitors in London who are not specialised in Domestic Violence but still they misguide the victims.

Since I got my ILR I got job offers from 3 well known IT companies in the Central London.

Thank you Salma for saving my career and future.

Salma Khan, thank you for all your kindness and patience over the past six years. I have had to deal with difficult legal problems and as my solicitor you dealt with them in a professional way and showed me patience and understanding during this legal battle. Your communication levels at all times has been outstanding and kept at a level that I could understand.


At no point throughout the 6 years did I hesitate to contact you on what I may have thought were silly questions at the time however, you did not make me feel I couldn’t ask you what I wanted to. I would like to express that I felt a strong level of support from you at all times and had a great amount of trust and confidence in your handling of my case.


I appreciate your tremendous expertise in how you dealt with my indefinite leave to remain application in the UK. I found the process very stressful and your reassurance kept me going.

From the first time I had a conversation with you over the telephone. Then meeting in person, you made this all stress-free for me, your advice and reassurance helped to release the stress as at times I would feel so angry, frustrated and felt like giving up. Salma has been there throughout and reassured me the best she could.


I am thankful for Salma’s reassurance and professionalism. I can honestly say that this kept me going when everything felt like it was taking, what felt like forever, thank you very much.

This has been a very emotional and stressful time for me and my family.


You treated me as an individual and not just another client at the same time respecting my privacy, confidentiality and answering the most awkward questions at times. I can honestly say that you are the best solicitor and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking legal advice in immigration. You have gone above and beyond your call of duty.

”let me worry about the rest “is what I remember you saying to me and the end result is success, what you do best . It is your help and expertise that has kept a family together.