You Saved My Career, My Dreams And My Life

“What should I say me and my family members are always thankful to you. Whenever I talk to my mum on phone in India. She always talk about you and thankful to you.
When I talk to someone that I got my ILR. First of all they don’t believe as it is not that common for a male victims of Domestic Violence. Lots of people asked me about you in London. It was the most difficult time for me and my family. At that time there were some highly recommended Solicitors in London. I met them all but I don’t know I was not that confident with them. Then by the God’s grace I contacted you and the day I met you on the first day. I saw a hope and started the procedure with your guidance.

Well I would say you have really done a great job in less time. As there was shortage of time for filling the application too. To be honest Salma it was a life changing moment since I got my ILR with your great efforts. You saved my career, my dreams and my life. I don’t know if it was my destiny or somebody’s blessings that I met you at Pickup and Scott Solicitors in Aylesbury.

With your best efforts I got my ILR within 3 months almost. But normally it takes longer as I researched online.

Everybody was giving me advise that the best solicitors of the country are in London. But I listened my soul and I found my solicitor in Aylesbury.
I know hard time comes in everyone’s life where you don’t know your all dreams will become true or will finish. But when it comes to Domestic Violence Issues, Salma Khan is the best solicitor in the UK.

I can communicate in English very well as I am an IT Professional in West London but still I feel comfortable with my mother tongue. So the best thing is Salma can speak Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi too. In mother tongue a person can explain the situation in a better way.

Whenever I talk to my colleagues, friends and relatives they always get shocked that some solicitor have done this almost impossible task. I have seen some solicitors in London who are not specialised in Domestic Violence but still they misguide the victims.

Since I got my ILR I got job offers from 3 well known IT companies in the Central London.

Thank you Salma for saving my career and future.